Battle Ave. premiere new music video ‘Aleph’

Battle Ave.

Battle Ave’s ‘Year of Nod’ is a departure from their last release War Paint, which was a messy, unbridled emotional rollercoaster. ‘Year of Nod’ has more of an introspective, weary sound. and is out via Seagreen Records. The songs are intense, emotional, & cathartic.

“Sometimes, random circumstances make a video, or a song, or a movie, particularly significant for the times we are living. Watching this simple, beautifully shot video for single Aleph, by dark pop band Battle Ave, we immediately started longing for snow, while wondering if – after an insanely warm fall and a week in December with temperatures averaging 60 degrees – we’ll ever experience it again in NYC” – Paolo De Gregorio , The Deli

Watch the new video for Aleph via YouTube below.

More about Battle Ave.? Battle Ave. is a dark pop band formed in upstate New York in 2009 by songwriter Jesse Alexander and drummer Samantha Niss. After releasing their debut album ‘War Paint,’ a heavy & cathartic roller coaster filled with “messy emotional pivots” (Stereogum) in 2011, the band returned to the studio with longtime producer & wise sage Kevin McMahon (Titus Andronicus, The Walkmen, Widowspeak) to make ‘Year of Nod,’ a collection of subtle and atmospheric indie rock. Currently they are making a dent in the upstate/NYC venue circuit, playing DIY and more traditional venues alike and regularly appearing at Shea Stadium, Palisades, & BSP Kingston

Track list: 
1. Aleph
2. Summer Spear
3. Lalande
4. In Evil Hour
5. Zoa
6. Solar Queen
7. Helen (This Isn’t Meant To Offend)
8. Seaside Girls
9. Say Say Oh Enemy