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Album review: Little Girls – Cults EP

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Little Girls Cults EP Cover

I first saw Little Girls play live at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto for the NXNE Festival 2009 and was totally blown away by their very cool, lo-fi style with obvious My Bloody Valentine and Jesus & Mary Chain influences. Fast forward two years and we see a definite progression in Josh McIntyre’s songwriting (he’s the brainchild behind the band) since their… Read more »

Music Video Addiction: Sunday August 28, 2011 edition

Music Video Addiction

We’re back from our one week hiatus in Germany…sorry for missing last week’s edition of the music video picks, but the hotel Internet connection was far too slow to choose the vids. I hope you enjoy the selections this week; we’ll start and finish with German artists in honour of our visit to Berlin. Kraftwerk: The Robots – German godfathers of… Read more »

Fuckparade Berlin 2011

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Fuckparade 2011 flyer

While visiting Berlin last week, I experienced a demonstration that passed in front of my hotel on August 20th and found out it was the ‘Fuckparade’. The parade included a number of sound equipped trucks with DJs, turntables, and speakers blasting all genres of electronic music. Each truck was followed by crowds of people dancing and cheering as the parade moved through… Read more »

Street art scene – Berlin, Germany

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Since the reunification of Berlin, the city has become one of Europe’s top street art locations. Interesting / unique post-communist locations, cheap rent and derelict buildings gave rise to a vibrant street art scene in Berlin. The most interesting areas to view street art in the city include Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. On my visit to the city… Read more »