Nielsen vs. Discogs mid-year highlights – Music in sales

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Discogs has data from the Discogs Marketplace and Nielsen’s Mid-Year Report that tells a story of just how much the music industry has changed within a year. Here’s the summary…

  • Vinyl continues to be the top seller on Discogs with over 3 million records sold this year so far.
  • Cassettes make a resurgence selling more than 60,000 releases – an increase of 43% over last year.
  • CD sales grew nearly 30% on Discogs, but dropped 12% according to Nielsen.
  • Album sales overall were up on Discogs with catalog releases (older than 18 mo.) seeing the biggest increase over last year.
  • Collectors looking to own a piece of history fueled David Bowies rise to the number 1 spot for most sold albums. While Prince has 3 releases appearing in the top 30, ‘Purple Rain,’ ‘Around The World In A Day,’ and ‘Diamonds And Pearls’.

You can check out a super long report with loads of stats and infographics here.

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