Gladstone Hotel takes over a doughnut shop

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Queen Street West, you’ve changed. The Gladstone Hotel is embracing this ongoing change with an innovative project that will transform a former doughnut shop across the street into the Gladstone Art Hut: an art gallery and incubator for Toronto artists. The project hopes to spark conversations about the history while imagining the future of this site and others like it in our city—imbued with largely forgotten memories and on the cusp of transformation.

The Gladstone Hotel Art HutIn only 6 months, the empty storefront property will become a condo sales centre, and eventually a multi-story condominium will be erected. Until then, it will act as an extension of the Gladstone Hotel’s many experimental art-activated social spaces, facilitating new ideas, creative expression, collaboration, and new ways of experiencing art, culture and community. Through this project, the Gladstone Hotel has invited artists, collectives and organizations to explore how urban spaces are claimed and re-claimed and examine themes of temporality and transience. What do we imagine and hope will happen here in future and how do we build community in a post-gentrified neighbourhood?

Read more about the Art Hut’s transformation here.

Art Hut Upcoming Exhibitions

Dec 6 – 18 | Justin de Lima | First Gentrification
First Gentrification explores the physical remains of urban life to create narratives that explore gentrification, immigration and the first gen identity.

Dec 19 – Jan 2 | Chris Foster | March of Progress
During his residency, Chris Foster will experiment with imagery taken from the vernacular of urban landscape, high rise development and industrial ruins to present each evening as a revolving tableau, transforming the Art Hut into a giant revolving shadow lamp .

Jan 3 – 9 | Videomancy | Video Wizards
Videomancy will explore themes of artist displacement, gentrification and creative perseverance as they build 3D components and record video footage for nightly window projections.

Jan 10 – 14 | Marilyn Arsem | Waiting for Sunrise
On January 13, 2017, starting at sunset and ending at sunrise on the morning of January 14, Boston-based performance artist Marilyn Arsem presents a new durational performance action to illuminate Stage 9: Apotheosis/Journey to the Inmost Cave. Presented by FADO Performance Art Centre.

Jan 15 – 23 | Toronto Design Offsite | Outside the Box
‘Outside the Box’ builds a map of design in North America. Each project begins with selecting correspondents, leading curators and designers in each participating city, to create a collection of thoughtfully designed objects that will fit into a standard Bankers box. Each box includes original works from local designers, reflecting the particular resources and makers of each area.

Jan 30 – Feb 12 | Andre Alexander | Hip Pop Art
Emerging artist Andre Alexander will take up residence in the Art Hut to focus on building a new body of screen printed work inspired by hip hop and pop art for a future exhibition at BAND. Artist Residency Sponsored by Black Artists Network in Dialogue (BAND).

Feb 13 – 26 | Camille Jodoin-Eng | Muths Metropolis
Camille Jodoin-Eng’s installation will employ a mirror tower, mirror staircase and mirror archways to visually represent the structure of the mind and body through architectural space as she examines the parallels of city infrastructure and neurological structure.

Feb 27 – Mar 5 | George Stamos | Recurrent Measures
Dancer George Stamos will utilize his Art Hut Residency to further develop this durational performance-installation inviting spectators to choose how long, from what angles and proximity they witness the dance, so that they are involved in sculpting their experience.

Mar 6 – 19 | Syrus Marcus Ware | Black Art City
Black Art City draws inspiration from the activist, art and direct action space, BlackCity1, (BLMTO, March 2016) as a jumping off point for conversations on future collaborations between artists and activists in black liberation movements as they claim the Art Hut for part community space, part art studio and part exhibition and programming space.

Mar 20 – 26 | Humboldt Magnussen + Anjuli Rahaman | Crash Burn Heal
This project is a visualization of the artists’ respective self-care methods in a city that prioritizes productivity and output over creativity and balance.

Mar 27 – Apr 9 |  League of Lady Wrestlers | Femme Future
Femme Future will transform the Art Hut into a multimedia imagining of a feminist wrestling utopia.

Apr 11 – 17 | Masking Collective | Masking: The Feature Film
Artists Madelyne Beckles and Delilah Rosier will explore the inherent contradictions of the derivative of joy in entertainment, versus the hard-lines of moralistic and dogmatic readings of pop cultural texts as they insert themselves into film parodies of competition, dating show and documentary style reality television.

Apr 24 – 30 | Endless City
Using 20 hours of recorded conversations captured during the FORMS Summit held in Toronto in September 2016, Endless City proposes to transform the Gladstone Art Hut into an immersive audiovisual and speech-to-text installation that will transform these conservations into live art for outside observers to view, contemplate and react to.