Post-punk duo NØMADS share dizzying new single ‘Acrophøbia’ + announce first live dates

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NØMADS Acrophobia

NØMADS’ newest single Acrophøbia is based on the extreme fear of heights. The instrumental composition features the LA-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Max Braverman on drums, and conjures up the sonic power of early Battles’ work, as well as the gritty, razor sharp execution of 90’s post-rock bands like Trans Am or Tortoise. The constant shifting of meter within the song is intended to simulate the vertiginous feeling of peering over a ledge, with solid ground and mortal peril far below. Take a listen to the track via Soundcloud below.

Acrophøbia is the third new song NØMADS has shared since they re-emerged earlier from working on ‘PHØBIAC,’ a conceptual collection of songs based on a different clinical phobia. They’re rolling out a new song each month leading up to its vinyl release in 2018… the preceding tracks include Traumatophøbia and most recently, Achluphøbia. The post-punk duo is the brainchild of Nathan Lithgow (My Brightest Diamond) on bass, and Garth Macaleavey (the technical director at National Sawdust) on drums.

After a long live hiatus, NØMADS is making their return to the stage tonight in Brooklyn, where they’ll be supporting Le Butcherettes at St. Vitus. They’ll also be performing at Third Man Records in Detroit on April 27th, with more dates expected soon.