NØMADS share new single ‘Chronometrophøbia’ + announce new tour dates

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NØMADSChronometrophøbia, the newest song from NØMADS‘ forthcoming ‘Phøbiac’ project. The band has been releasing one song each month since February, with May’s installment being Chronometrophøbia (aka the fear of clocks, watches and time). The track, mixed and mastered by Michael Abiuso at Behind The Curtains studio, is a psychedelic, fuzzed-out instrumental composed around the metronomic concept of a beating clock, set against the sonic textures of grinding gears, shifting hands, and the tick-tock of grandfather clocks. 

In frontman Nathan Lithgow’s words, “The fear of clocks is very compelling to me as a sound-scape metaphor. As a physical object, a clock not only “tells” time, but also represents the passing of time and the concrete idea of the present tense. Chronometrophobia is tangentially connected to Chronophobia, the fear of time or of time’s passing, but as a compositional theme I think the clicks/ticks/tocks/beeps and bells provide a bit of textural context to the song as a whole.”  

Listen to Chronometrophøbia via Soundcloud below.

NØMADS’ conceptual album ‘Phøbiac’ will be out in early 2018, with each song on the record based around a different rare or clinical phobia. They’ve been rolling out a new song each month, all of which are streaming via SoundCloud. True to form with all of NØMADS’ output, the duo relies heavily on Nathan Lithgow’s melodic, yet razor-sharp distorted bass, paired with Garth Macaleavey’s dynamic drumming. Together, the band conjure up the sonic power of early Battles’ work, as well as the gritty, razor sharp execution of 90’s post-rock bands like Trans Am or Tortoise.

The duo is also in the midst of their Tuesday night May residency at Pianos in New York, and just announced some Midwest tour dates in May and June (below).

Upcoming NØMADS tour dates
5/16 – New York, NY – Pianos
5/23 – New York, NY – Pianos
5/25 – Erie, PA – Bobby’s Place
5/30 – New York, NY – Pianos
6/02 – Brooklyn, NY – Three’s Brewing
6/05 – Indianapolis, IN – State Street Pub
6/22 – New York, NY – Berlin
8/03 – Brooklyn, NY – Cape House (PopGun show w/ CLOAK)