Brooklyn post-punk duo NØMADS share ‘phobia’ single ‘Dementophøbia’

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NØMADSNØMADS have shared Dementophøbia, the June instalment of their ongoing, year-long conceptual album ‘Phøbiac,’ with each song being a case study based around a different rare or clinical phobia. Dementophobia is the fear of losing one’s mind, and its accompanying single is a blistering, fuzzed-out, post-punk explosion that captures the nature of NØMADS as a dynamic post-punk duo. ‘Phøbiac’ is the follow-up to NØMADS’ critically-acclaimed 2014 full-length, ‘Free My Animal’. Take listen to Dementophøbia via SoundCloud below.

The more you question if there are voices in your head, the more the question itself becomes a voice. In a time when so many things about our daily world seem insane, Dementophobia is a phobia that is likely more common than it is diagnosed. On the track, frontman Nathan Lithgow sings the paranoid refrain “Find a faster, louder way to give. Something wrong is always happening; just a prayer for a partial lobotomy. Excuse me I’m all out of me.”

The duo is the brainchild of Nathan Lithgow (My Brightest Diamond) who handles bass and vocal duties, and Garth Macaleavey (the technical director at National Sawdust) on drums. True to form with all of NØMADS’ output, the duo relies heavily on Lithgow’s melodic, yet razor-sharp distorted bass, paired with Macaleavey’s powerful drumming. Together, the band conjure up the sonic power of early Battles’ work, as well as the gritty, razor sharp execution of 90’s post-rock bands like Death From Above, Trans Am or Tortoise.

Here’s all the previous instalments of Phøbiac:

February: “Achluphøbia” (the fear of darkness)
March: “Acrophøbia” (the extreme fear of heights)
April: “Ataxophøbia” (the fear of chaos and disorder)
May: “Chronometrophøbia” (the fear of clocks, watches and time)