NØMADS share new single ‘Megalophøbia’

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NØMADSNØMADS have shared their new single Megalophøbia, July’s installment of their ongoing year-long conceptual project ‘Phøbiac,’ where they release a new song each month based on rare clinical phobias (‘Phøbiac’ will be split into two EP’s, Part 1 and Part 2. This song marks the first track off Part 2). Megalophobia is the fear of large objects…in the modern environment, our cities are filled with taller and taller buildings, our skies are filled with ever more massive and powerful airplanes, and our highways are constantly filled with 20 foot tall tractor trailers. The world of the megalophobe is one that constantly reminds them of their own insignificance and fragility in the universe. Take a listen to the track via Soundcloud below.

Phøbiac’s conceptual material is written by NØMADS’ frontman (and My Brightest Diamond bassist) Nathan Lithgow, and also features Brian Wolfe (drummer from The Dap Kings, David Byrne & St. Vincent, Sufjan Stevens) on drums. Megalophøbia is an instrumental composition conceptualized around the idea of a rampaging robot, trouncing through city streets creating destruction and panic with each lumbering step. ‘Phøbiac’ Part 1, comprised of previously released singles up until this point, is set to be released this October.

NØMADS are also headlining a PopGun Presents show at Cape House this Thursday, August 3rd, with support from Cloak and Winkie (let me know if you want to catch the show!).


February: Achluphøbia (the fear of darkness)
March: Acrophøbia (the extreme fear of heights)
April: Ataxophøbia (the fear of chaos and disorder)
May: Chronometrophøbia (the fear of clocks, watches and time)
June: Dementophøbia (the fear of losing one’s mind)
July: Megalophøbia (the fear of large objects)