Abraham King shares new single ‘Spit’

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Abraham KingBrooklyn’s Abraham King — which started as the solo project of lead singer Adam Eisler before growing into a four-piece band — has shared its new single, Spit. It’s a melancholic track that tackles themes of hypochondria and aging, but doubles as a catchy indie-rock tune: opening with a lone guitar riff and moody vocals, a fuzzy bass line and driving percussion kick in to keep things moving along (just as Eisler sings “the whole world’s gone wrong.”) You can take a listen to the track via Soundcloud below.

The band will release its debut LP (and its first official release with its current lineup) later this year. Though Spit is a good introduction to the world of Abraham King, they’ve been fleshing out their sound and plan to take things in a slightly new direction with their debut album.

Having previously shared stages with acts like Woods, Nate Kinsella’s Birthmark, and She Keeps Bees, Abraham King plays a hometown show at Brooklyn’s Friends and Lovers this Friday (8/18.)