NØMADS share spectral new single ‘Phasmophøbia’

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NØMADSPost-punk duo NØMADS have shared the August installment of their forthcoming/ongoing ‘Phøbiac’ project. You can check out the new single Phasmophøbia via YouTube below. Phasmophobia is the fear of ghosts. The phenomenon of paranormal experiences presupposes a duality of time between the past and the present; a figure existing in both the past and present planes. Phasmophobia is often confused with Spectrophobia, a fear of mirrors or reflection, which is interesting in that a ghost is in essence a reflection of a past reality.

We all have our ghosts. Phasmophøbia tells the story of an ex-lover, haunting the streets of the paranoid narrator’s daily world. After last month’s release of Megalophøbia, the duo has chosen to release the next two singles in live video form, showcasing the band’s progression towards the synth-driven shape of ‘Phøbiac Part 2,’ to be released in a March 2018.

Featuring swirling, long-form synth improvisation, and man vs machine drums from Brian Wolfe (of David Byrne & St. Vincent and the Dap Kings), the Live from Pittsburgh video series was filmed in the cavernous shadows of an abandoned Catholic school’s furnace room, executed in one full take with no edits. The full ‘Live from Pittsburgh video’ EP will be included with any download of ‘Phøbiac Part 2’ next year. ‘Phøbiac Part 1’> (comprised of previously released songs) will be released this October.