East-LA dream-pop band Twin Seas announce self-titled debut

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Twin SeasOn Friday, September 29th, LA dream-pop newcomers, Twin Seas, will release their debut self-titled LP.  Following in the footsteps of fellow East-LA creatives, Chicano Batman, Twin Seas has built a strong following in the SoCal area, playing to energetic, dancing crowds.

Out of the East LA creative hotbed, Twin Seas was born. Inspired by 80s new wave, 60s psychedelia, and of course, their own Latin roots, Twin Seas creates a fresh soundscape that leads the listener on a voyage of warm tones and sun-kissed melodies.

After forming in 2016, Twin Seas have made a name for themselves in the LA indie rock scene, playing to excited and loyal audiences all over the SoCal area. The crowd can’t help but dance when the band breaks into favourites such as Surf Wave, Machine Gun, and Alpha Pup. In a short time, the band has perfected the art of live performance. Take a listen to Alpha Pup via Soundcloud below.

Twin Seas completed their self-titled record earlier this year at their home studio at La Mina, in the neighborhood of City Terrace. For this debut, they recruited the help of vocalist Chrisol and the rhythm section from Chicano Batman who are both featured on the record. The band’s distinct sound, dubbed “New Wave-Dream Pop”, is sure to provide the quintessential soundtrack for a summer day.

Track listing

1. Night Tides
2. Surf Wave
3. Machine Gun
4. Alpha Pup
5. Summer Lemonade
6. How Far Are You?
7. Lvl 2
8. Fujin
9. As Expected (ft. Chisol)
10. One-ton Soup
11. Shoes
12. The Fool
13. Morning Breeze