Casper Skulls share ‘Primeval’ video

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Casper Skulls

Photo by Gabriela Osio Vanden

Casper Skulls have shared Primeval, the video for the third single from their forthcoming debut LP. The album, entitled ‘Mercy Works,’ will be released via Buzz Records on November 3rd, following Casper Skulls well-received ‘Lips & Skull’ EP from 2016. Primeval follows Lingua Franca and You Can Call Me Allocator, and the premiere is accompanied by a discussion of some of the music and art that influenced the album. Watch the Primeval video via Vevo below.

The track finds the band in a meditative mode, building from three interlocking guitar parts before incorporating sweeping strings as the track reaches it’s peak, while singer/guitarist Neil Bednis draws from the writings of Abraham Lincoln and a Taoist parable as he reflects on the ways that the rising cost of living in North American cities strips them of their culture and identity.

Bednis elaborates on the song’s subject matter to CoS: “Primeval was the first song we ever wrote together. We worked on it during our first practice when it was just Chris, Mel and I. After our first couple shows we abandoned the song until about a year later when we brought it back and reworked it. It was one we grew into as a band, but it took a while to develop it the way we wanted to.

The song is about the rising cost of living in major cities. When I was writing I was thinking about what will happen to Toronto when it becomes too expensive for artists and young people to live there. If you look at Manhattan, where there was once this vibrant scene that’s virtually non-existent when it comes to underground music culture. The community who drew people to move to these places are the ones that the city pushes out.

The video was shot by Shawn Kosmerly at River and Sky Festival outside of Sudbury and here in Toronto. We wanted to shoot at two locations that were kind of the opposite of one another – nature vs. infrastructure kind of thing. Me and Mel are from Sudbury and now we live in Toronto, so I was also really glad we got to shoot in 2 of our hometowns.”

‘Mercy Works’ will be released via Buzz Records on November 3rd. It ‘s available for preorder here.


1. Mercy Works
2. You Can Call Me Allocator
3. Lingua Franca
4. What’s That Good For
5. Primeval
6. Colour of the Outside
7. Chicane, OH
8. I Stared at “Moses and the Burning Bush”
9. The Science of Dichotomies
10. Glories
11. Faded Sound


Casper Skulls tour in support of the release began this past weekend in DC with Weaves and Tancred, and will feature a stop at Halifax Pop Explosion and further dates with Land of Talk, And The Kids, Partner and Baked. Full details can be found below.

Tour dates

October 20 – Halifax, NS @ Halifax POP @ Seahorse Tavern
October 21 – Fredericton, NB @ Capital
November 02 – St. Catherine’s, ON @ Warehouse
November 10 – Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR
November 11 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean %
November 12 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Spirit
November 13 – Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong
November 14 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
November 16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville ~
November 23 – Montreal, QC @ Phi Center ^
November 24 – Ottawa, ON @ Bronson Theater ^
November 25 – Toronto, ON @ Great Hall ^
+ w/ Weaves
^ w/ Land of Talk
% w/ And The Kids
~ w/ Baked, Bueno