The Seams share new single ‘Lemonade’

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The SeamsThe Seams (Toronto Power Pop) have shared their new single Lemonade, which is out now via Hand Drawn Dracula. Take listen via YouTube below.

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Previous release
‘Meet The Seams’ (HDD049 – 2016)

Reconvening after the months spent supporting their first album (2016’s ‘Meet The Seams’), The Seams began work on a collection of singles recorded with renowned Canadian musician/producer Ian McGettigan (Thrush Hermit). The sound is decidedly less sleek and more intimate than their well-received debut, matching the more serious tone of the subject matter. The new singles mark a turning point forward for the band as they shift the focus from their other musical endeavours and solidify the Seams as both a live and recorded band to watch. The songs are stronger and more relevant as the Seams seem like they’re having as much fun as ever.

The Seams blend influences of potent, straight-forward guitar bands from the 60’s – 90’s. With their unabashed love of structure and melody, their collective strengths shine through the songs they create. Their first album ‘Meet The Seams’ is a raw introduction to their electric side. Drawing heavily from 60’s AM radio to 80’s college rock and 90’s britpop, the songs bring to mind a young REM or GBV, even Oasis at their most brash. The bands core songwriting duo of Kyle Connolly (WISH, Fake Palms) and Jonathan Rogers (Elsa) have departed from the reverb soaked melancholy of their previous projects and have immersed themselves in a brighter beat. With the addition of Jesse Mirsky (Elsa) and Simone TB (Fake Palms, The Highest Order), The Seams have developed their song writing through a thoughtful and hook-laden sound.

Tour dates

November 4, 2017 – Double Double Land, Toronto ON