Post-punk electronic duo SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronyms) unveil ‘Tell Them’ EP

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SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronyms) coverEmerging Post-punk electronic duo SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronyms) unveil synth-wave/industrial themed EP ‘Tell Them’ via Avant! Records on 9th March. Take a listen to Tell Them via Soundcloud below.

SDH (Semiotics Department of Heteronyms) is the new project of two key figures of the synth-wave/industrial scene of Barcelona. Andrea P. Latorre and Sergi Algiz, founders of the C¯njunt¯ Vac̯ label and also in the post-punk band Wind Atlas, unveil a new act more oriented towards pop music.

SDH is change, alteration, distortion, metamorphosis. Their synth-pop songs, sprinkled with EBM and techno, are mysterious, obtuse and suggestive.

The project seems to revolve around the idea of fiction. What is the language of feigned personalities? What is fiction? An individual is one and another, is liquid. It is physical. Incarnating someone is doing it in a corporeal way: making it flesh. Conceive: everything is real: reality does not exist. How is a fiction embodied?

With only two songs published, they have already supported artists such as Marie Davidson and Merchandise and performed at the Swedish festival Kalabalik PÂ Tyrolen, one of the reference festivals of the darkwave scene.

Three-track digital (only) EP ‘Tell Them’ is out via Avant! Records March 2, and their self-titled full-length album will be released via Avant! in May 2018.

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