Lonely Parade share ‘I’m So Tired’ + announce signing to Buzz Records

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Lonely ParadeLonely Parade is the tightly knit art-punk trio of childhood friends Augusta Veno (guitar/vocals), Charlotte Dempsey (bass/vocals), and Anwyn Climenhage (drums). Formed when they were in their early teens in the small Ontario town of Peterborough, they have become, six years later at barely 20 years old, one of the most buzzed about new bands in Canada. Beginning with their self-released 2016 album, ‘No Shade,’ which came out just after the members finished high school, the band toured extensively in Canada over the last 12 months, with the likes of Weaves, PUP, Ought, and Nap Eyes (who opened for Lonely Parade on one of their first tours), appearing on festival stages at Sled Island and Lawnya Vawnya, and playing outside of Canada for the first time upon being invited to 2017’s Iceland Airwaves festival.

Now, Lonely Parade are announcing their signing to Buzz Records by sharing a single called I’m So Tired. Recorded with Shehzaad Jiwani of their new Buzz Records label mates Greys, and Josh Korody (Weaves, Dilly Dally, Partner, Fucked Up), the track hones the grungy pop sensibility and technical, almost math-rock indebted post-punk the band formulated on their earlier DIY releases. Built around a series of radical dynamic changes that perforate sludgy sections reminiscent of an L7 45 played on the wrong turntable setting, with uptempo bursts driven by Veno’s high-intensity guitar parts, the song, according to bassist and singer Charlotte Dempsey was written to encapsulate the conflicting, but often co-existent sensations of depression and anxiety. Take a listen to the track via YouTube below.

As Dempsey tells Noisey: “‘I’m So Tired’ is based on the feeling of seasonal depression. It’s about feeling numb when you’re overwhelmed with a situation you can’t cope with, and not processing the emotions at hand. The song was written about an unrequited love, and feeling anxious and insecure about your position, and trapped in the situation. Musically we tried to capture that feeling of drowning in your own head, the sense of sinking as soon as you wake up with the sludgier sections, while the rest of the track expresses a more manic sensation of going through the motions of living and trying to keep up with reality when your mind is somewhere else.”

Lonely Parade’s Buzz Records debut is expected in the fall of 2018.

Tour dates

04/16 – Montreal, QC, Théatre Plaza w/ Preoccupations
04/21 – Fredericton, NS, Flourish Festival
06/15 – Ottawa, ON, Ottawa Explosion Weekend