Dreamcrusher releases ‘NQRM Vol. One’ collection + new EP


Dreamcrusher has released ‘NQRM Vol. One’. A select collection of 8 previous works compiled and made available on all streaming and download platforms in wide release. Covering over 10 years of recorded output and defining the evolution of NIHILIST QUEER REVOLT MUSIK. In addition a brand new EP entitled ‘Quid Pro Quo’ comprised of 4 brand new Dreamcrusher tracks expanding NQRM to it’s most present, clear and visceral yet.

Dreamcrusher is a genderqueer/non-binary, straight edge, vegan electronic musician. Creating immense, abrasive, sometimes rhythmic and often isolating soundscapes with bursts of melody choking through overwhelming sonic cacophony. Moshpit worthy, high energy harsh noise vessels through hardcore, punk and shoegaze influences; it’s an exercise in immersion and endurance.

Head over toward the freshly minted drmcrshr.com to stream / download each release in their entirety.



Quid Pro Quo – stream on Soundcloud
1. Myrtle Ave – Broadway
2. Codeine Eyes
3. A God Sewn Into Flesh
4. Syva Valo



Suicide Deluxe – stream on Soundcloud
1. Suicide Deluxe
2. Novokuznetsk
3. Godless Chic
4. Dracula Meets The Lorelei
5. The Cruelty
6. Goths At The Beach
7. Ghost Child
8. Hypernova Bloodbath
9. Fear



Haine – stream on Soundcloud
1. Memories
2. Sister Europe
3. La Haine
4. Greyscale




Katatonia – stream on Soundcloud
1. Aura
2. Imponderabilla
3. Vitaal
4. Mirror




Antipop – stream on Soundcloud
1. Antipop
2. Nucleus
3. Hypercube
4. We Are Nothing
5. Reykjavik





Incinerator – stream on Soundcloud
1. Incinerator
2. Cathedral Of Moths
3. Pseudogender
4. Vulpeculae Freeze
5. Bane
6. Lemlæstelse




Canal del Holograms – stream on Soundcloud
1. Antagonist Part 1
2. Antagonist Part 2
3. Wrath of Holograms
4. Just Like Malevich
5. Bound In The Trees





Lemlæstelse – stream on Soundcloud
1. Lemlæstelse
2. I’m All Broke Up






The Apple Rots at The Top – stream on Soundcloud
1. The Apple Rots at The Top
2. I’m All Broke Up (Look At Them All)