A Shoreline Dream release latest single ‘Revolvist’

Ryan_Policky A Shoreline Dream

US based progressive shoe gazers, A Shoreline Dream, give us a view into their upcoming album with the latest single/video titled Revolvist. Watch the video below via YouTube. Inspired by sounds of past music while longing for something to trudge through the snowy months with, the song itself is a bass-driven, goth influenced dance number from vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Ryan Policky.

During a month-long stint locked away for the early winter, Revolvist made it’s way from this half coherant dream, into a full-on explosion of sound ready to be leaked out to fans ‘in real time’, as the album remains in the works. Revolvist is the second single to be revealed from the forthcoming LP, following up Time Is A Machine Gun, a track that Stereo Embers Magazine ranked at as #8 best track of 2015.

Ryan says this is like “a dance routine needed to remind oneself that winter needs to be more than the usual heavy-hearted sound one would expect from an emotionally tinged band such as us”.

This is, in fact, a grander uptempo version of A Shoreline Dream’s usual offerings, hinting back at the moodiness of the sound layering the band has consistently become known for in past releases, but with a rhythm and overall vibe unlike anything previously recorded by the band.

The video is a true extension of the song itself, featuring Denver side-show performing legends “The Scissor Sweethearts” – Siara Gray and Serana Rose. Filmed entirely on location in the outdoor set of Shoreline Studios, which resides in the very neighborhood named after circus madman PT Barnum.

Originating in Barnum, Colorado, A Shoreline Dream is best descibed as a “progressive shoegaze” band combining lush sampled textures, organic instrumentation, and vocals layered like a synth similar in vein to bands such as Ride and Sigur Rós mixed with an early Dead Can Dance production style. Over the past 10 years ASD has churned out numerous acclaimed releases under their own label (Latenight Weeknight Records), working with legends such as Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Kramer. Recently they landed distribution by one of the top UK indie labels (Rocket Girl Records) for a song written while visiting Ulrich in Leytonstone, and have even remixed for progressive label gods K-Scope, for a song by Engineers.

For more information on A Shoreline Dream, visit their website.