Akiva share their new protest video ‘Broken Ship’

Akiva press photo

Indie-rock agitators Akiva share striking lyric video to Broken Ship, their angry takedown of the forces behind Brexit Britain. This track sounds like Arctic Monkeys with a dash of Kasabian. Watch it via YouTube below.

Dave MacKenzie from Akiva said this about Broken Ship, “Our country has a lot of problems at the moment. I can’t help but thinking that if there had been more consequences for certain people’s actions in the past decade or so, we wouldn’t have quite so many angry, frustrated and disillusioned people.”

Broken Ship is the fourth and final single from AKIVA’s Angelic Studio sessions. Produced by Jake Gordon (Skepta, J Hus, Everything Everything), this intense lamentation of the battered and bewildered nature of Brexit Britain pulses with anger from its bittersweet guitar intro and urgent offbeats to its explosive, indie-rock mass, all spiky guitar stabs, frantic beat, punchy bass and gutsy lead guitar. It’s a brutal musical base for Dave’s high-velocity vocal as he barely pauses for breath while laying into those who’ve acted with impunity as the UK has fractured in recent years. “‘Broken Ship’ is about the importance of consequences for actions,” says Dave, “and how quickly things start to fall apart when these get lost.”  

Broken Ship is a cry of frustration captured in a characteristically striking video by Berlin-based animator Wayne McCauslin. Two years into his creative relationship with the band, he and Akiva have crafted their third music video. This time, McCauslin has switched to a lyric-video format, depicting lines from the song – “When it’s heads you seem to win, But when it’s tails you never lose” – in twisted, luminous typography displayed over scenes of sinking urban decay. As an audio-visual package it’s both a formidable piece of art and a rousing call to arms.