Album Review: Christ vs Krishna – Move and Scale

christ vs KrishnaToronto’s Christ vs Krishna have released a 7-track EP titled “Move and Scale,” which features their new single We Stand Alone.

The tracks on the album are very consistent in style and sound, and really have a strong similarity to bands like The Lemonheads and The High from the mid 90s who were doing a nouveau 60s thing. Christ vs Krishna are doing the same thing in that “Victor-Victoria” type way (yep, that is a weird 80s movie reference)….a band sounding like bands from the early 90s who sound like bands from the 60s. It is all so derivative. They reference sounding similar the Pixies in their bio, but I can only hear a hint of Here Comes Your Man in their songs (which is my least favourite and the most uninteresting Pixies tracks) – maybe this is an accurate comparison.

I cringe when I read that a band is “alternative” since that term really has little meaning to describe music any more. Christ vs Krishna aren’t musically boiling the ocean here, but they have pulled together some pop songs that are sing-a-long friendly. If you like the mid-90s sound, you may like this EP and should check it out, otherwise, skip it all together and listen to some real 60’s music.



If you want to check out the band live, they will be holding an EP + Video release party to officially launch “Move and Scale” at the Silver Dollar Room in Toronto on April 5, 2013. There will be five other bands on the bill as well – Midnight Architect, The Autumn Stones, The Endless Nameless, The Firegazers, and Gemini Twelve.




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