Alpha Maid share new track ‘Sublime’

Alpha Maid

South East London electronic-experimental trio, Alpha Maid, have unleashed their brand new track Sublime via DIY Magazine. You can also take a listen to the track via Soundcloud below.

Alpha Maid cuts through the myriad of new music offerings, by serving up a new sound of electronic punk that the band has been perfecting in the DIY scene for years.

“[Leisha Thomas’] fuzzed-up tannoy announcements direct every howling guitar and stuttering bleep down the experimental train tracks of ‘Sublime’, and though the well-picked touchstones are plain to see – the likes of Micachu and The Shapes and Deerhoof – Alpha Maid create something biting, physical, and entirely their own.” – El Hunt, DIY Magazine

More about Alpha Maid? Alpha Maid merge grunge with raw sample electronics. An explorational genre hybrid based around repetition, dominant rhythms and punk vocals. Song themes are generally based on social community and world issues as well as feminist/riot grrl topics.