Ambient electronic producer Willaris. K returns with synth-heavy single ‘Detach’

Willaris K press photo

Following a string of varied singles and double-records on Astralwerks, rising Australian tastemaker Willaris. K continues to push the aural boundaries of the electronic sphere. Now, Willaris. K has shared a new single Detach with an abstract visualizer from frequent collaborator Chris Kore. The track plays over a five-minute display of warped digitized bodies dancing beneath a blanket of white noise, a familiar backdrop from Kore’s previous Williaris. K productions.

Watch the visualizer from Chris Kore via YouTube below.

Detach opens with an atmospheric arc that progresses into synth-heavy thumping beats, reminiscent of his signature industrial sound. The flighty textures and tempos driving the composition add a level of anthemic energy to his latest slate of releases.

Last month, Willaris collaborated with fellow Australian singer-songwriter Gordi on their haunting track Indifferent. The track signaled Willaris’ first to feature vocals, resulting in a gorgeous union of his dramatic piano chords under her brooding lyricism. Indifferent boasts an impressive origins story, beginning at Willaris’ home in New South Wales then later fine-tuned on Gordi’s farm in rural Australia. It was finally completed by renowned Sigur Ros collaborator and film composer Alex Somers at Rick Rubin’s Shangri La Studios in Malibu, inside Bob Dylan’s iconic old tour bus.

Willaris. K’s eclectic body of work has drawn him comparisons to a league of greats like Jon Hopkins, Brian Eno, and William Basinski. His previous career as an electrical instrument technician led him to music as he worked across rural power plants in Australia, taking field recordings and turning them into ambient tracks – thus, Willaris. K was born. Since then he has showcased his versatility and range as a budding producer, from the cathartic ambient tones of Past Light to the darker punchy percussions in Natural Selection.

Willaris. K’s Detach is out now via Astralwerks.