Arrow Video announces ‘A Ghost Waits’ on Blu-ray and TVOD

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On May 4th, Arrow Video will release Adam Stovall’s ‘A Ghost Waits,’ a remarkable supernatural comedy romance which can best be described as ‘Beetlejuice’ meets ‘Ghost’. Beautifully shot in gorgeous black-and-white, this indie film tells the story of a handyman, a haunted house, and the ghost he falls in love with (an absolutely brilliant performance from headliner MacLeod Andrews, star of ‘The Siren’). Watch the trailer via YouTube below.

An ingeniously unique and unpredictable combo of horror, humor and heart, ‘A Ghost Waits’ is a DIY labor of love years in the making from first-time writer/director Adam Stovall and producer/star MacLeod Andrews. Tasked with renovating a neglected rental home, handyman Jack (MacLeod Andrews, They Look Like PeopleDoctor Sleep) quickly finds out why the tenants keep leaving in droves – this house is haunted. The ghost in question is Muriel (Natalie Walker), who is employed from beyond the veil to keep the home vacant. 

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Against the odds, Jack and Muriel find they have a lot in common… pulse notwithstanding. Having found a kindred spirit in an otherwise lonely existence, they must fight for their newfound affection as pressure mounts for them each to fulfill their “cross-purposes”

From its opening spectral assault to its achingly poignant conclusion, ‘A Ghost Waits’ has shocked and surprised audiences around the world via the festival circuit… FrightFest, Screamfest, Ramaskrik, Dead and SudBuried, Nevermore, and Popcorn Frights just to name a few.

Famed critic Kim Newman declared the film to be “one of the strongest first features of recent years,” and Leslie Felperin of The Guardian gave it four stars and said it was “chock full of delightful narrative surprises, imaginative genre tweaks, and warming performances from its two leads.”

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Special Features:

  • FIRST PRESSING ONLY: Illustrated collectors’ booklet featuring new writing by Craig Ian Mann
  • Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Sister Hyde
  • Audio commentary by writer/director Adam Stovall
  • Audio commentary by Adam Stovall and MacLeod Andrews
  • Audio commentary by the cast and crew
  • Humanity and the Afterlife in ‘A Ghost Waits’, a new video essay by Isabel Custodio exploring the film’s themes and cinematic forebears
  • Eight interviews with cast and crew moderated by critic and programmer tt stern-enzi
  • Interview and post-film Q&A with Adam Stovall moderated by Alan Jones at Frightfest Glasgow 2020
  • Outtakes, Easter eggs, Theatrical trailer, + Image gallery
About the director

Adam Stovall was born in Covington, KY, where he grew up a comedy nerd. He was part of the Northern Kentucky Troubadours theatre troupe in high school, and then a sketch comedy group called the Scott Walsh Comedy Foundation in the early 2000s, which led to him improbably performing comedy backed by The Wailers. 
He covered culture and politics for multiple local publications, and upon moving to Los Angeles in 2008 he began writing for Creative Screenwriting Magazine. This led to work with outlets such as The Hollywood Reporter and IndieWire, as well as writing acceptance speeches during award season. 

In 2013, Adam transitioned from film journalism to film production, working on projects like Split, Marry Me, and Randy to the Rescue. Eventually he got extremely lucky and someone gave him a little bit of money to make a movie, and that’s the story of how this release came to exist. Now he lives in Queens, where he can get amazing Indian and Thai food while figuring out what to write next.

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