ÄTNA x MEUTE create a techno symphony on ‘Weirdo’

ÄTNA and MEUTE press photo

Weirdo is the new single by the avant-garde pop duo ÄTNA and the techno marching band MEUTE. A danceable analogue techno track, well suited to become a special kind of summer hit, out now via Humming Records / The Orchard. Watch the video clip for Weirdo via YouTube below or you can stream it on Spotify here.

The world came to a standstill immediately after the release of MEUTE’s second studio album ‘Puls’ in February 2020 and ÄTNA’s ‘Made by Desire’ in March 2020. Both bands stayed at home instead of going on tour and performing at festivals all over Europe: “I watched all the seasons of Game of Thrones and started growing courgettes, tomatoes, raspberries and kohlrabi, but then quickly realised that we couldn’t afford to keep it up. We had to resume working on new material,” singer and keyboardist Inéz said. Weirdo is the resultant first song. 

ÄTNA and MEUTE met for the first time in the summer of 2019. The vibe immediately resonated. “We have been big fans of ÄTNA for a long time. The videos, the music, the talent and the overall style are a blast and now a collaboration has come out of it – how cool is that? The track is special and opens up a whole new dimension for us. The fact that they are so nice and we have so much fun with them is the icing on the cake,” MEUTE said. Producer Moses Schneider discovered a weird beat in Demian’s unused collection, which is the basis for the instrumental of Weirdo. MEUTE adds more drums, marimba, trumpets, saxophones, trombones and vibrating bass. The instrumental, which forms the foundation for Inéz’s voice, is thus created in digital exchange. 

Weirdo is the first release for MEUTE this year and at the same time the beginning of a series of regular releases introducing the new album ‘Taumel’ scheduled for release in summer 2022, starting at the end of July. Weirdo opens up a new world of sound for MEUTE. In addition to the usual fine goosebump sounds of marimba, horns and drums, the usual analogue-technoid profile is stylistically enriched by the interplay with ÄTNA. This track is a step forward for ÄTNA, into a new aesthetic: sportier, thicker, finer, the song emphasises mobility, is danceable, banging, clearly says: we all need to enjoy the fresh air again. It reminds you briefly of Berlin’s Tresor in the 90s, of the Chemical Brothers’ disruptive beats, playfully combines them with Afrobeat and the New Orleans marching band sound of MEUTE. Compared to ‘Made by Desire’, one notices: The reverb is gone, everything is a bit more direct with more minimalism.

Inéz: “It’s about including everyone. No one should be excluded. Self-empowerment for everyone! Even if you’re out of line. We want to break a lance for acceptance.” Because according to Demian: “The word acceptance already has the word dance in it.“

MEUTE live dates
17. Jul 21 DE –  LÜBECK Kulturwerft Gollan 
18. Jul 21 DE –  KARLSRUHE Kulturbühne 
22. Jul 21 DE –  BONN Kulturgarten 
23. Jul 21 DE –  LEIPZIG Picknick Konzerte 
24. Jul 21  DE –  ERFURT Picknick Konzerte 
25. Jul 21 DE –  DORTMUND Juicy Beats Park Session 
08. Aug 21 FR – ETAPLES-SUR-MER Rock en Stock 
26. Aug 21 DE –  HAMBURG Cuise Inn 
27. Aug 21 DE –  BERLIN Picknick Konzerte 
28. Aug 21  DE –  HERDWANGEN Eine Liebe Festival 
29. Aug 21 NL – BIDDINGHUIZEN Down The Rabbit Hole 
31. Aug 21 DE –  KONSTANZ Picknick Konzerte 
01.Sep 21 DE –  MAGDEBURG Picknick Konzerte 
03. Sep 21 DE –  BRAUNSCHWEIG Kultur im Park 
07. Sep 21 UK – LONDON Forum 
08. Sep 21 UK – GLASGOW Barrowland 
09. Sep 21 UK – MANCHESTER Ritz 
10. Sep 21 UK – LEEDS Stylus 
11. Sep 21 UK – BRISTOL Marble Factory 
12. Sep 21 NL – AMSTERDAM DGTL Festival 
08. Oct 21 FR – TOULOUSE Pink Paradize 2021 
12. Oct 21 DE –  WIESBADEN Kulturzentrum Schlachthof 
18. Oct 21 DE –  WÜRZBURG Posthalle 
19. Oct 21 IT – MILAN Alcatraz 
20. Oct 21 CH – BERN Bierhübeli 
21. Oct 21 DE – MUNICH Tonhalle 
22. Oct 21 AT – LINZ Posthof 
08. Nov 21 AT – VIENNA Wiener Konzerthaus 
09. Nov 21  HU – BUDAPEST Akvarium Club 
10. Nov 21 CZ – PRAGUE Roxy 
26. Nov 21 SE – MALMÖ Babel 
27. Nov 21 SE – STOCKHOLM Debaser 
28. Nov 21 DK – COPENHAGEN Vega 
14. Jan 22 DE – ERLANGEN Heinrich-Lades-Halle 
26. Jan 22 PL – WARSAW Progresja 
27. Jan 22 PL – KRAKOW Klub Studio 
28. Jan 22 PL – POZNAŃ Tama 
29. Jan 22 PL – GDAŃSK Stary Manez 
12. Feb 22 DE – BOCHUM Jahrhunderthalle 
13. Feb 22 DE –  COLOGNE Palladium 
23. Feb 22 DE –  FRANKFURT Batschkapp 
27. Feb 22 DE –  BERLIN Columbiahalle 
05. Mar 22 FR – MARSEILLE Le Moulin 
06. Mar 22 FR – PARIS L‘Olympia 
07. Mar 22 FR – LYON Le Transbordeur 
26. Mar 22  DE –  MANNHEIM Zeltmusikfestival  
01. Sep 22  DE – INGOLSTADT Reduit Tilly 

ÄTNA live dates
17. Jul 21 DE –  WOLFENBÜTTEL Summertime Festival 
21. Jul 21  AT-FELDKIRCHEN Poolbar Festival 
22. Jul 21  DE –  STUTTGART Bunter Beton Festival 
06. Aug 21  DE –  FRIEDLAND Jenseits von Millionen  
31. Aug 21  DE –  ELTVILLE Heimspiel Knyphausen  
12. Aug 21  DE –  LEIPZIG Panometer 
13. Aug 21  DE –  JENA Kulturarena 
14. Aug 21  DE –  MÜHLHEIM Theater an der Ruhr 
19. Aug 21  DE –  HAMBURG Fast Ein MS Dockville 
20. Aug 21  SI-NITRA Flaam Festival 
22. Aug 21  DE –  MANNHEIM Maifeld Derby Warm-Up 
26. Aug 21  DE –  NEUSTRELITZ Immergut Festival 
24. Sep 21  DE –  HAMBURG Elbphilharmonie 
27. Oct 21  DE –  DARMSTADT Centralstation 
05. Mar 22  DE –  DRESDEN Beatpol 
06. Apr 22  DE –  WIESBADEN Kesselhaus 
08. Apr 22  DE –  JENA Kassablanca 
09. Apr 22  DE –  BERLIN Astra 
20. Apr 22  DE –  MUNICH Ampere 
21. Apr 22  AT-SALZBURG Rockhouse 
23. Apr 22  AT-VIENNA Fluc  
30. Apr 22  DE –  MUNSTER Gleis 22

More about ÄTNA

At first sight, the wheelhouses of Inéz and Demian Kappenstein hardly seem to match: He immerses himself in crafting organic beats, recorded on drums and enhanced with delicate effects. She is an utterly unique kind of singer who with voice, piano and synths fuses melodies like as refracted through a prism to a new futuristic sound. But when you listen closely, the songs they produce together as ÄTNA are imbued with an incomprehensible magic that defies all conventions, singular in style and execution. 

Songs such as Ruining my Brain and Come to Me seamlessly blend art pop, futuristic indietronica, lush rhythms, and glorious vocals, evoking a longing that speaks of wanderlust – and cause goosebumps without fail. There is no doubt about it: Their debut ‘Made By Desire’ marks a new chapter in German pop history. For this, ÄTNA was rightly warded the coveted Anchor Award of the Reperbahn Festival. 

ÄTNA are a creative partnership of equals. With fashion and design integrated into their music, ÄTNA wear monochrome stage costumes and deliver stunning videos, something they succinctly refer to as “making their own world”. ÄTNA also prove this in collaborations with artists such as Solomun or Martin Kohlstedt, which always bear their own personal signature.

For more information on ÄTNA, visit https://atnaofficial.com.

More about MEUTE

The  bass  drops,  the  confetti  flickers  and  the  red-blue  uniforms  glitter  in  the  strobe light: MEUTE breaks the code with an explosive combination of hypnotically driving techno and expressive brass music, freeing electronic music from the DJ desk and overhauling the image of marching bands all over the world.  What began as a small experiment on the streets of St. Pauli has developed into a globally  celebrated  phenomenon  within  a  minimum  of  time.  No  computers  but  drums and brass are all they need to revolutionise techno music and bring it back to  its roots at the same time. The eleven musicians in their iconic red jackets have managed to spread their love for hand- made electronic music all over the planet. The videos of their impromptu street gigs regularly attract millions of views.  After  their  successful  tour  through  North  America  and  the  release  of  the  second studio  album  PULS,  the  band  had  to  interrupt  the  PULS  tour  2020/21  after  only  a few  concerts.  A  creative  phase  was  initiated  and  subsequently  a  lot  of  time  was spent in the studio. In 2021/22 the PULS tour will be continued in Europe.

For more information on MEUTE, visit https://www.meute.eu.

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