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Photo Credit: Chuck Schmidt-Staub

Autogramm, the synth-driven power-pop trio from Vancouver, have shared the video for their latest single, Anxiety. The video was shot in Tulum, Mexico by director James Maher. The track is the second single lifted from the band’s upcoming sophomore album, ‘No Rules,’ due out April 16 via Nevado Music. Watch the video clip for Anxiety via YouTube below.

Discussing the single, guitarist/vocalist Jiffy Marx stated, “One of my earliest outside influences was the comic strip ‘Garfield’. It’s possible I learned my dislike for Mondays from a lazy orange cat, but I like to think that it was more that I felt akin to his give-no-fucks disdain for the 9-to-5. It’s not that I want to focus on the bad and/or complain about my own anxieties, but I honestly believe it could help others with their own manic worries and irrational fears to know that they are not alone.

Like for me all these many years later, it still helps to know ‘Garfield’ and I are very alike. We both hate Mondays and we both love the Ramones.”

Bassist CC Voltage adds, “while the song is not specifically about the global pandemic, it is about the feelings we collectively share as we navigate our way toward an uncertain future. Especially those of us, or those we know, who are connected to the live music industry.”

Marx, Voltage, and Chicago-based drummer The Silo, draw on influences from The Cars, The Go Go’s, Gary Numan, 20/20 and Devo. Along with calling Canada, the U.S., UK and Germany home at various points, the band also has a long standing connection to the art, punk, and skateboarding communities worldwide.

Autogramm No Rules cover artwork

‘No Rules’ keeps with the band’s tradition of crafting singalong pop-anthems, while adding angular elements that are reminiscent of Ghost in the Machine-era Police. For the band, the album title refers less to a no-gods-no-masters set of rules as it does to a no boundaries aspiration. Instead of building walls, they want to build bridges.

Pre-order ‘No Rules’ here.

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