Avant pop/alt-R&B duo Black Grapefruit share short film for ‘In Case You’re Listening’

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Avant-garde, experimental pop duo Black Grapefruit have shared a cinematic new short film for their track In Case You’re Listening. The track is lifted from their stellar new album ‘Fade/Forgetwhich was released last month, to critical acclaim worldwide.

Soundtracked by the closing song of the same name on ‘Fade/Forget,’ In Case You’re Listening was directed and produced by the visual artist Tim Moore who collaborates on all of BGF’s stunning artwork and photos, the short film was shot with some of their friends at a lake by the duo’s home in rural upstate New York in the middle of winter. Moore captured a genuine moment that reflects the life that Black Grapefruit has come to lead and love, in the middle of nowhere. Watch the short film via YouTube below.

Previously known as Shadows On Stars and then SOS, the duo rose to prominence back in 2014 after accruing a fervent following in their native Pacific Northwest and on SoundCloud with the release of their acclaimed debut album, ‘SOS’. After a brief stint in Brooklyn following the release of ‘SOS,’ Randa Smith and Brian Dekker (aka Black Grapefruit themselves) escaped the city, settling into a rural house in a tiny town in upstate New York where pre-war means pre-War of 1812; in rooms where people were born and died, their new music began to take shape.

Soon enough, Black Grapefruit began writing and recording at a prolific rate, resulting in ‘All My Relations,’ a sharp, immediate, and unclassifiable exploration of identity and loss… and now, ‘Fade/Forget’. 

After receiving critical praise, Black Grapefruit have now channelled their focus into a new seven-song project that balances their exquisite pop songcraft with innovative soundscapes and moments of avant-garde experimentalism. If ‘All My Relations’ was about the journey to self-discovery through radical change and acceptance, ‘Fade/Forget’ explores what comes after that transformation — in the space we create and the home that we choose for ourselves. 

Black Grapefruit have continued their relentless pursuit of musical innovation from a place of newfound stability, creating infectiously memorable songs, and inviting in fresh ears to collaborate with and challenge them. The emotional landscape of ‘Fade/Forget,’ though, is pure Black Grapefruit, dominated by a lyrical focus on romantic relationships and the complexities of nostalgia — the collateral damage of love, and what we are left with when we are left with ourselves.

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