Avantist share frenetic new video for ‘Red Bible’


Avantist are a post-rock band comprised of four Hispanic brothers from the South side of Chicago. The band is releasing their self-titled debut album (vinyl pre-order) this Friday via No Trend Records and the band have shared the music video for Red Bible, one of the raucous stand-out tracks on ‘Avantist’. The track also features Adrián Terrazas-Gonzáles from The Mars Volta on saxophone, whose contribution to the track adds an element that pushes it to dizzying heights. Watch Red Bible (featuring Adrián Terrazas-Gonzáles) via YouTube below.

An avantist by definition is to be an avant-gardist; to emphasize, practice, and celebrate experimental and unorthodox methods and techniques, and to incorporate this into a craft. By definition, Avantist’s name and music aptly fit the term. Although Americanized, the Arias family made sure to instill a knowledge and understanding of their culture and heritage that runs deep to this day. A strong tie in family values is one example of these traditions, making for the unshakeable bond they share today. In 2008 after growing weary of Rock Band and realizing they already possessed the tools they really needed to form a band in the basement of their home, each brother effortlessly slipped into a role within the band: Fernando, the loud and charismatic frontman; Erick, the rolling bass foundation; David, the frantic and innovative guitarist; and Luis, the disciplined drum prodigy. Thus, Avantist was born.

‘Avantist’ is a record that is years in the making, which began in June 2014. The band recorded the first track at Steve Albini’s Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago, before working tirelessly and endlessly for two years in several other studios, with the goal being to perfect and duplicate the electricity of their live performance. The album is 11 tracks that tells Avantist’s story and includes underlying themes of family, love, and loss. Packed with post-rock viciousness while simultaneously switching over to melodic harmonies with a hint of R&B, each track is unpredictable from start to finish. This record is the definition of Avantist. You can also check out their wild video for their previously released single Tidal Wave (YouTube), another highlight of ‘Avantist’.

Upcoming tour dates

04/21 – Chicago, IL – The Green Mill (Paper Machete)
04/28 – Chicago, IL – AMFM Gallery
05/25 – Crystal Lake, IL – Catapult Records & Toys
06/20 – Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle (EP Release Show)
06/22 – Chicago, IL – PRF BBQ Fest
06/24 – Tulsa, OK – Soundpony
06/25 – Austin, TX – Beerland
06/26 – Houston, TX – Super Happy Fun Land
06/29 – Nashville, TN – Betty’s Grill

For more information on Avantist, visit theavantist.com.