Baby Jesus premiere music video for ‘You Make Me Fry’

Baby Jesus

Swedish surf/psych band Baby Jesus’ self-titled album came out in October via San Antonio-based label Yippee Ki Yay Records (on vinyl and digital). Influenced by The Velvet Underground and Black Lips, their sound combines both surf and psychedelic elements. They have just released the music video for their single, You Make Me Fry, which you can check out via YouTube below.

The group consists of drummer Rasmus Högdin, Organ player and Vocalist Björn Axetorn, Roy Jäghammar on bass and vocals, Fredrik Kristofersson on guitar and vocals, and Robin Meijel on saxophone and percussion. They describe the formation of Baby Jesus as a result of an intense trip to India, “with the vision of raw garage rock from the bowels of the 60’s with a mixture of intense noise of instrumental and guttural sounds.” In the summer of 2012, they built a rehearsal space, which they transformed into their own studio, the place that was soon to become the home of Baby Jesus. For a year, they experimented and wrote music in their Studio Vansinnet in Hamstad, Sweden and on November 23, 2013, they recorded their entire album during one live session. All the mixing and mastering was done on their own (pure DIY).

They quickly gained a strong reputation in their hometown Halmstad as one of the few noteworthy bands in their area. One single trip down to Drone in Copenhagen got them the recognition of Levitation Records, which led to even more shows for Baby Jesus and an even better reputation in the to-date biggest underground scene within the garage-scene of Scandinavia. Even though it took two long years of waiting to get the album released, they kept going strong and have gotten even more shows in both Norway and Denmark on several festivals and individual shows.