Bandicoot share new single ‘Worried Blues’

Bandicoot press photo
Photo Credit: @BethanMillerco

Welsh indie rockers Bandicoot are back with a new single Worried Blues. For Bandicoot “Worried Blues inhabits a world of paranoia, born from a fear of lost love. It carries you down labyrinthine streets like a nightmarish memory, with a contagious strutting rhythm which never lets you stop moving along with it.” Listen to the track via SoundCloud below.

Worried Blues starts with forceful piano chords and an anguished emotional vocal from Rhys Underdown, channeling John Lennon’s Plastic Ono Band primal scream as a voice from the dark. When Worried Blues intro releases into a riff full of Talking Heads strutting art rock / dance punk directness it leaves no doubt, Bandicoot are ‘The Sound of Young Wales!’.

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