Beliefs announce third record ‘Habitat’


BeliefsToronto post-punk band Beliefs, aka Jessie Crowe and Josh Korody (of Nailbiter, Wish, Vallens, etc.) have announced their new album ‘Habitat’. This is their third album, and the follow-up to 2015’s Leaper, which showcased a layered 90s-esque shoegaze sound. Beliefs have moved on to avant and synth influences, and created a darker post-punk sound on ‘Habitat,’ which will be out on September 22 via Hand Drawn Dracula.

This is the moment when Beliefs stops being defined as the sum of its influences, the moment when it has audibly put in enough time to start exploring and realizing its true potential, the moment when it starts decisively growing into its own thing. Which, as all music fans know, is the most exciting moment in a band’s existence.

“I hope that’s the case,” says Crowe. “That’s always how I feel about bands, too – when you listen to something and it seems like it’s leading to a whole other element of a band, when you feel like you’re in the hallway about to open the door to a whole other space that this band is creating. And I hope that that’s what happens with us. We have no real plans at this point. We don’t want to be a ‘shoegaze’ band anymore.”

You can take a first nibble of the album and watch the video for 1994 via YouTube below.