Ben Snakepit announces ‘Manor Threat: Snake Pit Comics 2013­ – 2015’

Manor Threat: Snake Pit Comics 2013-2015

Ben Snakepit has announced that his latest book, ‘Manor Threat: Snake Pit Comics 2013­ – 2015,’ will be released on August 9th via Microcosm Publishing for $14.95.

In his fifteen years of daily diary comics, we’ve seen Ben play in bands (including J Church, The Sword, and Ghost Knife), tour, practice, get drunk a lot, and navigate relationships and jobs. The latest episode brings us to the town of Manor (pronounced “MAY­ner”), a suburb of Austin, Texas. Ben buys a house with his wife and adjusts to slow­paced suburban living. He turns 40, changes jobs, experiences big life transitions, and practices with his new band. Every day along the way, he draws a simple three­-panel comic describing each day’s events, however dramatic or monotonous, each titled with a punk song. Against that steady march of time, patterns emerge and shift and the result is a meditative, addictive read that captures the humanity of everyday life in a way that is never pretentious or boring, and always relatable.

Ben Snakepit has earned a cult following by drawing a three panel comic every day for the last fifteen years, chronicling his life in punk. ‘Manor Threat’ is the seventh and latest book in the series.

 Manor Threat: Snake Pit Comics 2013-2015 by Ben Snakepit back cover


 Manor Threat: Snake Pit Comics 2013-2015 by Ben Snakepit inside cover


You can also grab the entire Snake Pit series via Microcosm Publishing, which is made in the Portland, OR.

More about Ben Snakepit? Ben Snakepit has been drawing a daily diary comic for fifteen years. He also publishes a regular column in Razorcake magazine and appears in a number of multi­artist anthology comics. His books have received glowing reviews in publications like Vice, Maximum Rocknroll, Wizard magazine, USA Today and GQ. He lives in Manor, TX, outside of Austin.