Beware of Darkness release new video for ‘Past Present Future’

Beware of Darkness

SoCal based blues-indie band, Beware of Darkness, has released their new video Past Present Future directed by Miguel Starcevich. The track is lifted from the ‘Sanctuary Season’ mixtape, which is available now to fans for free via Soundcloud. However, if fans want to further support BoD they can also get it on iTunes. Watch the video via Pure Volume here.

Beware of Darkness’ video zooms in on front man Kyle Nicolaides’ trials and tribulations of his “Past Present Future”. Although the music video is shot in black and white, lyrics poetically ring out how maneuvering through difficult phases in life comes with shades of grey. As Nicolaides explains in his American Songwriter interview, his ambition is to “make rock relevant again”. Old school blues guitar riffs paired with Nicolaides fresh yet husky indie rock voice gives Beware of Darkness a mature, enlightened, and inspiring edge in the rock n’ roll genre today.

“Your life appears futureless, your feel like the horizon line got decimated, you hate your past, and wish you could do everything different. you want to change everything, and then it totally kills the present, because you’re just an anxiety and panic-riddent mess”.

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