Bikini Kill’s ‘Revolution Girl Style Now’ streams in full

bikini kill
Photo Credit: Allison Wolfe

Bikini Kill is the legendary, riot grrrl band featuring feminist punk pioneers Kathleen Hanna, Tobi Vail, Billy Karren and Kathi Wilcox. Their first collection of work, ‘Revolution Girl Style Now’, will be released September 22 via Bikini Kill Records and is now available to preview via Pitchfork.

Revolution Girl Style Now Bikini Kill coverThe reissue features three previously unreleased songs – Playground, Ocean Song Just Once – and marks the first time ‘Revolution Girl Style Now’ will be made available on vinyl, CD, and digital formats. There will also be a limited edition replica version of the demo cassette available by mail order only. The ‘Revolution Girl Style Now’ demo tape was originally self-released in May of 1991. The demo was recorded by Pat Maley at the ABC House in Olympia, WA earlier that year. Bikini Kill played one of their first shows at the house the night before and left their equipment set up to record the demo the next day. For this reissue, the songs were mixed by Guy Picciotto (Fugazi) and mastered by John Golden.
The Punk Singer A Film About Kathleen Hanna posterAnnounced exclusively with SPIN, Bikini Kill Records will also release ‘The Punk Singer Soundtrack’ on October 13. The digital-only release will feature tracks from three of the renowned riot grrrl’s musical projects: Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and the Julie Ruin. Track listing is below and pre-order is available now.

Comprised of Kathleen Hanna (vocals), Tobi Vail (drums), Billy Karren (guitar), and Kathi Wilcox, Bikini Kill was a feminist punk band based in Olympia, WA and Washington DC, forming in 1990 and breaking up in 1997. Bikini Kill actively encouraged women to start bands as a means of cultural resistance and used touring as a way to create an underground network between girls who played music, put on shows and made fanzines. This informal network created a forum for multiple female voices to be heard and built a feminist community through the punk scene.

‘The Punk Singer Soundtrack’ track listing:
1. Double Dare Ya – Bikini Kill
2. Feels Blind – Bikini Kill
3. New Radio – Bikini Kill
4. Rebel Girl – Bikini Kill
5. Demirep – Bikini Kill
6. Carnival – Bikini Kill
7. Magnet – Bikini Kill
8. Distinct Complicity – Bikini Kill
9. Reject All American – Bikini Kill
10. Aerobicide – Julie Ruin
11. Stay Monkey – Julie Ruin
12. Hot Topic – Le Tigre
13. Keep On Livin’ – Le Tigre
14. Eau D’Bedroom Dancing – Le Tigre
15. Deceptacon – Le Tigre
16. Run Fast – The Julie Ruin
17. Blueberry Island – The Julie Ruin
18. Ha Ha Ha Armageddon – The Julie Ruin
19. My Morning Is Summer – The Julie Ruin

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