Blossomer share atmospheric new single ‘A_SHALLOW_SEA’


BlossomerSheffield’s Blossomer have now shared their kaleidoscopic new single A_SHALLOW_SEA, which is out now via Instant Karma. The single is lifted from the band’s enchanting new EP ‘HLLW,’ out on January 11th, 2018, which twinkles with gentle, spheric electronic beats, whilst lead singer Alex Crabbe’s bewitching falsetto is able to soar effortlessly.

Talking about the track, Alex elaborates, “A_SHALLOW_SEA is sort of a continuation of the first track we ever released titled To The Sea. I have always had a tendency to write about the sea and nautical ‘stuff’, so this just felt like certain themes continued. It was stripped back much more than other tracks on the EP and this is sort of reminiscent of the Blossomer of old, because we’ve always been a fan of space in our music. Maybe no sound is better than sound sometimes…”

Take a listen via Soundcloud below.