BONES hits ‘AirplaneMode’ as lightning strikes in new video

Bones photo
Photo by Rachael Wright

If there’s one thing BONES isn’t afraid of, it’s a slow burn. Originally released on his 2019 album ‘IFeelLikeDirt,’ AirplaneMode has lived a few lives since its release – including a TikTok rebirth in 2022 that garnered over 380K video creations with one being from Justin Bieber. Now, 4 years after its original release, AirplaneMode has received a music video treatment – watch it via YouTube below.

Unable to see where the fluorescent lights end and the lightning strikes begin, AirplaneMode is as eerie as it comes. Directed by Darkwave, the video deposits BONES in every flyer’s worst nightmare. The Michigan native takes a haunted nighttime flight, surrounded by snorers, toenail clippers, and demonic, seat-kicking children–when they aren’t breaching in-flight etiquette, they’re transforming into living skeletons. When things seemingly can’t get worse, lightning strikes, and BONES begins to realize he has more in common with the other passengers than one might think. With everything BONES, there’s a little bit of horror, thrill, and cinematic edge, so if you’re afraid of flying you might want to look away.

AirplaneMode is the latest video drop from BONES before he and longtime collaborator Eddy Baker drop their upcoming joint album ‘Jones Peak’ on April 14th.

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