Bottled Up share new track ‘The Reverie’

Bottled Up photo

Bottled Up have shared a new song called The Reverie. The track is about the fear of death, and coming to terms with mortality. You can listen to The Reverie via Soundcloud below.

Indian-American multi-instrumentalist Nikhil Rao began experimenting with his pop/rock mutations in 2012 on his Tascam 8-track. Influenced by artists like R. Stevie Moore, Prince, Talking Heads, and Ariel Pink, he gravitated towards pushing songwriting and arrangements to their outer limits. His murky experimental pop/new-wave tracks continued to evolve as a solo-artist in Oakland, CA and Los Angeles, while attending college in Silicon Valley for Sound Design and Scoring for Film & Video Games.

After moving to Washington D.C., Nikhil formed the group with Colin Kelly. As chief songwriters, and coming from different backgrounds (Nikhil from the frenetic DIY scene of Oakland, and Colin from the more experimental/avant-garde D.C.), the kaleidoscopic tape meditations transformed into something more polished, clear, while retaining the mercurial nature of Nikhil’s analog heritage. The band was then joined by Michael Mastrangelo & Beth Cannon on lead guitars, thickening and expanding sonic diversity, as well as Nikhil’s younger brother Rohit Rao on drums who glides between visceral punk and acid-jazz rhythms.

Upcoming shows

Apr 05 – Songbyrd Vinyl Lounge, Washington, DC