Bring Her share ‘While You Rise’

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Sorrow Wave duo Bring Her return with their second LP, and first album release since 2019. ‘Comfort In The Shame’ sees release via Knife Hits Records digitally and on cassette on August 19.

Based out of Pittsburgh, Bring Her play a distinctive brand of somber darkwave, defined by haunting and magnetic vocals over pounding and obsessive drum machines, penetrating guitar chords and eerie and harrowing synths. Using DIY recording methods coupled with sound shaping, heavy layering and meticulous editing the new album sees the two-piece clawing to new heights, adding to the urgency and crushing weight of their already brooding sound.

Elements of industrial peppers these 10 new tracks, and the duo stays in the gloomy and dismal pocket as the self-described “Sorrow Wave” moniker implies.

The duo shared their second single lifted from the upcoming album, While You Rise. ReGen Magazine says, “As evidenced by the song’s urgency and grim atmosphere, ‘While You Rise’ presents what Marcus N. explains as an attempt ‘to push aggression further into our heavy, punk-inspired form of darkwave,’ a style referred to by some now as sorrow wave. Furthermore, the incessant droning howl of distorted guitars and programmed beats, along with the ‘tormented lyrics’ drive the song’s title home, with Marcus concluding that the song demands oneself ‘to wake and rise.’”

Listen to While You Rise via YouTube below.

Pre-order ‘Comfort In The Shame’ here.

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