Brooklyn glam-punks Plaid Dracula debut new single ‘Mean’

Plaid Dracula press photo

NYC-based band Plaid Dracula have shared their new single, Mean. Take a listen to the track via Soundcloud below.

The band said the following about the track, “This was the first song we wrote for the new EP! We think everyone’s had at least one situation where someone you felt was a really close friend turned out to be perfectly happy to throw you under the bus when it suited them. This song is about everything that goes through your head in the split second you see a person like that at a party or a show with a bunch of your mutual friends, and it’s the first time you’ve been in a room with them since they showed you they weren’t the person you thought.”

Plaid Dracula is a glam-punk power trio based out of Brooklyn, New York. Sweating heavy licks and glitter, this trio composed of Sam Gelernter (guitar), Ethan Schneider (drums), and Rachel Adler (bass) combines everything you ever loved about T-Rex and your dad singing in the shower, somehow birthing a glistening experiential medley you’re gonna wanna dance to under the light of a full moon while you wait for your GrubHub delivery.