Brooklyn indie-rockers Mount Sharp share new single ‘Apostate’

Mount Sharp press photo

Brooklyn-based indie-rockers Mount Sharp have shared their new single, Apostate. The track is the band’s first official release in 5 years. You can check out the video for Apostate via YouTube below.

In the time since the release of their well-received debut EP, ‘Weird Fears’ [yk records, 2014], so much has changed. The band and its songs have matured – gaining focus and reflection out of the chaos of their first release without losing any of the raw energy and poetic lyricism that set them apart from other Brooklyn bands of the time.

The track is a bit of a slow burn at first, leaning on groove as the story of the song boils underneath. Sarah Wood (lead single, guitars) asks “Am I still earning your love? Do I remind you of someone you could dream of?” – before the music explodes in the band’s cosmic overload of guitars washes those questions away. 

Mount Sharp grew around the bittersweet, poetic songwriting of Swood (Sarah Wood) paired with Bryan Bruchman’s noisy, chaotic tendencies around 2012. On 2014’s Weird Fears EP (with the rhythm section of Ryan Zumsen and Maia Macdonald), the band exhibited a blast of unbridled energy, excitement, and confusion – a fitting soundtrack to a brief blissful, carefree time before so much changed. The band – now with Sal Garro and Jonathan Pilkington Kahnt holding down the drums and bass duties – has matured, and the songs are maybe a little more serious, maybe a little more reflective, but no less cutting and catchy. Taking inspiration from the cosmos, sci fi tv, and the messed up state of the world, Mount Sharp puts all the feels into song.