Bür Gür premieres ‘Green Sauce’ music video

Bür Gür

Bür Gür have released the music video for their latest single Green Sauce. Creating a sense of buoyancy and melancholy against the bright, uplifting track, director Matt Garza focuses on attitudes of solitude and disconnect in a celebratory environment. Watch it via YouTube below.

Explaining Green Sauce, Makan writes, “We all have in us a desire to fit in and be a part of a group, and I often find that fulfilling desire conflicts with living authentically. Green Sauce addresses the value of being true to yourself, no matter what the social ramifications are. It’s about championing authenticity in the face of isolation.”

The Los Angeles duo of Makan Negahban and Corbin Clarke released their sophomore full length, ‘Have You Lost Your Faith In God?,’ on April 1, 2016 via New Los Angeles. Written, recorded, and mixed by Clarke and Negahban, the album delivers a fun, upbeat sound grounded on experimental rhythms, dreamy vocals, and intricate guitar lines. Rounding out the album, Bür Gür offers darker, contemplative lyrical content that serves as a stark contrast against their bright, tropical sound.

‘Have You Lost Your Faith In God?’ is available now via Apple Music and Spotify.

Have You Lost Your Faith In God? coverTrack listing:

1. Afrobeat
2. Lungs
3. Choppa
4. War Games
5. Green Sauce
6. Roman
7. Bad Waves
8. Pugilist
9. Couch Spliff
10. Louisiana
11. If I Was A Child
12. Neighbors
13. Sludge Hammer
14. Shek

For more information on Bür Gür, visit burgur.com.