Burning Hearts announce sophomore full-length

Scandinavian synth-popsters, Burning Hearts’ release their second full-length, ‘Extinctions’ on February 21, 2012 via Solina Records / Shelflife.

Their debut, ‘Aboa Sleeping’, was a collection of early songs that were not intended to end up on an album but this is where ‘Extinctions’ is different. This album was inspired by human tragedies and the theme of death which are both present in nearly all the songs making the title more than fitting. It was written as a consequence of many tragic stories that touched the band and many of its songs are dedicated to people or creatures that no longer exist. ‘Extinctions’ is a good synth-pop record that is a perfect mix of looking backwards and also forward – mellow, gentle, yet catchy.

Standout tracks: The synth-electronic drum laden Tradewinds and singalong friendly Modern Times.

MP3: Burning Hearts – Burn Burn Burn

Track listing:
1. On the last Day of the Decade
2. Into the Wilderness
3. Modern Times
4. Love and Dissonance
5. The Swallows
6. Burn Burn Burn
7. Trade Winds
8. The Beast
9. Deep Waters

Watch the video for Into The Wilderness below.

For more information on Burning Hearts, visit burninghearts.com.

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