BYSTS release new ‘Dreamland’ EP

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BYSTSL.A duo BYSTS, blending shoegaze, dark wave and psychedelia on their EP ‘Dreamland’, which is out now. Stream the EP now via Soundcloud below.

With the release of their singles, Killer on the Road, Taste, and Speed in early Summer 2016, BYSTS, through being brash, explorative and genre-bending, caused an electrifying reaction. Garnering attention from outlets like American Songwriter, Sounds Better With Reverb, The Blog That Celebrates Itself, The Sound of Confusion, SYFFAL, Psychgazer, among others. BYSTS, later caught the ear of independent east coast label The Rolling People Records, who in the Summer of 2018 released exclusive vinyl only debut album, ‘Killer On The Road’. Comprised of previously unreleased tracks and other songs from their self-released album ‘Offer Your Throat’.

The duo, multi-instrumentalists Bryan Holbrook and Stefanie Marlow, together, combine noisey, fuzzed-out guitars, rhythmic drum beats and visceral, tangible sounds. Described by The Sound of Confusion as, “You could call it coldwave, you could call it darkwave, but if anyone’s invented a genre called post-apocalypticwave, then this must be what it sounds like. The noise they make is huge and feels like brute force.” SYFFAL, when reviewing BYSTS single, ‘Speed’, wrote, “…oozing evil like a motherfucker, that’s BYSTS. …it’s fucking chilling.” SLC WEEKLY said, “It’s a prismatic filtration of howling, reverb-drenched guitars. It’s a dangerous sojourn into a sonic hurricane in search of the vocal harmonies within the storm’s eye.”

Through BYSTS evolution, Bryan Holbrook and Stefanie Marlow have shared stages with Autolux, Black Angels, Neon Trees, Black Lips, Mini Mansions, Ben Kweller, Dead Meadow, Spindrift, Strange Boys, White Rabbits, Dengue Fever, Swervedriver, The Growlers, White Hills, and Crystal Stilts.

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