Camp Howard shares ‘Don’t Say Shit You Don’t Mean’

Camp Howard press photo
Pphoto credit: Becca Schwartz

Camp Howard has shared their new single Don’t Say Shit You Don’t Mean. You can listen to it via Soundcloud below.

Camp Howard is an indie-rock quartet based in Richmond, Virginia fronted by songwriters Nic Perea and Wes Parker, and backed by Matt Benson and Brian Larson. The band composes songs in both English and Spanish (courtesy of Perea – who is Mexican).

The group released ‘Juice EP’ in May of 2017 via Egghunt Records. In May of 2018, the band’s efforts were rewarded with a support tour opening for Stone Temple Pilots. Camp Howard has continued to tour and grow with an emphasis on tight musicianship and honest self-expression.

The band is currently preparing to self-release a new full-length record in the fall of 2019.