Casper Skulls share new single ‘Lingua Franca’

Casper Skulls
Photo by Gabriela Osio Vanden
Casper Skulls
Photo by Gabriela Osio Vanden

Last month, Casper Skulls announced their debut LP, and now the band have shared the album’s second single, Lingua Franca. The album, entitled ‘Mercy Works,’ will be released via Buzz Records on November 3rd. Lingua Franca is the first single from the album to highlight the band’s co-lead vocalist and songwriter Melanie St. Pierre. Take a listen via YouTube below.

St. Pierre describes the song as an ambiguous break up song about a breakdown of communication, and the track relaxes the razor wire tension that underpinned the album’s first single and much of the EP that preceded it, opting instead for a subtle grandeur, abetted by a string quartet, that showcases St. Pierre’s melodic sensibility. Skirting the edges of a torch song, the track is delivered with an unmannered sincerity typical of the band, and while it retains the thoughtful, literate songwriting style that is their hallmark, it’s their most emotionally direct release to date, with Noisey calling it “unquestionably moving.”

As St Pierre told Noisey: “When thinking about relationships it’s easy to focus of the highs and lows instead of the small grey areas where things are maybe more neutral. That’s the main focus of ‘Lingua Franca.’ ‘Lingua Franca’ by definition is a common language spoken between people who’s native languages are different. Communication is the cause of a lot of friction in relationships and often once the communication is lost so is the bond between people. I think when we were working on the song we wanted it to sound different depending on the listener. I think it can be heard as both a breakup song or a song for the grey area in a relationship. The song never quite tells you what’s happening which I think plays into the irony of the title.”

“We’re really only at the start of being a band,” St-Pierre said. “Our records don’t have to move mountains as long as we’re being true to our own ideas. We want to be a slow burning candle.”

Mercy Works will be released via Buzz Records on November 3rd. It’s available for preorder here.

1. Mercy Works
2. You Can Call Me Allocator
3. Lingua Franca
4. What’s That Good For
5. Primeval
6. Colour of the Outside
7. Chicane, OH
8. I Stared at “Moses and the Burning Bush”
9. The Science of Dichotomies
10. Glories
11. Faded Sound


In support of the release, Casper Skulls are announcing North American tour dates, Land of Talk, Weaves, And The Kids, Partner and Baked. Full details can be found below.

Tour Dates

October 15 – Washington, DC @ DC9 +
October 17 – Ottawa, ON @ Dominion
October 20 – Halifax, NS @ Halifax POP @ Seahorse Tavern
October 21 – Fredericton, NB @ Capital
November 02 – St. Catherine’s, ON @ Warehouse
November 10 – Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR
November 11 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean %
November 12 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Spirit
November 13 – Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong
November 14 – Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie
November 16 – Brooklyn, NY @ Alphaville ~
November 23 – Montreal, QC @ Phi Center ^
November 24 – Ottawa, ON @ Bronson Theater ^
November 25 – Toronto, ON @ Great Hall ^

+ w/ Weaves
^ w/ Land of Talk
% w/ And The Kids
~ w/ Baked, Bueno