Cathedral Bells shares new shoegaze/dream-pop single ‘Cemetery Surf’

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Cathedral Bells

Orlando-based Cathedral Bells have shared their new shoegaze / dream-pop track, Cemetery Surf, which is out via Good Eye Records. You can take a listen to the track via Soundcloud below. 

Cathedral Bells is the project of Matthew Messore. After traveling across the country, Messore returned to his hometown and began working on home recordings. That feeling of returning to your hometown and the disquiet and isolation it brings from the life you thought you had already started pervades over Cemetery Surf and the follow-up, A Passing Phase.

“Cemetery Surf is a cover song originally by Teen Beams, a solo bedroom pop artist from Denmark (Niklas Pedersen),” shares Messore. “I recently found out about his music (both present and past) and really was inspired by his captured sounds and haunty melodies. It was a true pleasure to work on this song & share to him my take on it.”