Chillwave band Crown Plaza debuts new track ‘Staring At The Wall’

Crown Plaza

The Echo Park-based quartet Crown Plaza originally started out 2012 after the ending of frontman Nima Kazerouni’s (So Many Wizards) relationship with his sweetheart of 6 years where he left his cozy apartment in the middle of LA and took an unusual residence at his father’s back office in the heart of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).  He didn’t realize what a strong effect his surroundings would have on him. The bright hotel light of Crowne Plaza was a 24 hour-a-day reminder of where he was, along with the buzzing noises of airplanes, shuttles, and passers by. Nima needed an outlet to channel these feelings directly which led to the creation of his debut E.P., ‘Chem Waves Volume 1,’ which was inspired by the lush guitars and dreaminess of The Durutti Column and The Clean and was a direct reflection of his love loss, displacement, and overall new way of living.

The next wave of Crown Plaza came with the news of his pending new fatherhood where he then left the confines of the office to move to the birthplace of his daughter, Tucson, Arizona. It was there Nima had the pleasure of infusing the vast, dry desert landscapes into his musical pallet. He continued co-raising his daughter by traveling back and forth between Tucson and Echo Park inspiring the forthcoming ‘Staring at The Wall / LGO’ 7” out via Danger Collective Records. While on his short stints in Los Angeles,  Nima formed a proper band with Martin Tomemitsu on bass, drummer Christina Galliard and James Roehl on guitar. Together they are currently working on their first proper full band full length LP.

The first single Staring At The Wall was recorded during the back and forth traveling from the music world to family world while we were living in Tucson, AZ and later in Los Angeles. Take a listen to the new track, which just recently premiered on Under The Gun.