Clustersun release new single ‘Desert Daze’

Clustersun press photo

This is Psych. Yes, this is the kind of sound that will make you crave for being squashed in a massive crowd at a festival, eyes closed, ears exploding, mind tripping, legs dancing and head banging, lost and found, flooded by the fuzz, the reverb, the tune. 

Desert Daze is a refreshing cauldron and marks a huge comeback for Clustersun, four years since their last effort ‘Surfacing To Breathe’ (Seahorse 2017), a classic shoegaze album that brought to the trio from Catania massive attention and airplay worldwide.

‘Avalanche,’ Clustersun’s new album, will be released on March 3, 2021 via Icy Cold Records (FR) and Little Cloud Records (US). The release will be digital, on CD, and on limited edition coloured vinyl, with a marvellous artwork curated by an artist whose name will be disclosed soon.

‘Avalanche’ departs from dreamy shoegaze, reaching at high speed desertic and acid sideways. Dark and shiny, disturbing and glorious, it’s an album that will fit well in a playlist featuring The Black Angels, The Lucid Dream, The (early) Telescopes, Dead Skeletons. The mix and mastering have been in charge of Mr James Aparicio, a real scene’s guru, thanks to his work for The Cult Of Dom Keller, Dead Vibrations, Piatcions / Throw Down Bones, Rev Rev Rev. 

The Desert Daze video was shot and edited by Clustersun’s drummer Andrea Conti. He wanted to visually express the desolation of the lyrics, the feeling of powerlessness and failure caused by an unattainable goal, may it be the killing of your own demons or impossible love. The video translates anger and despair in a fictional desertic war, through the deep gaze of a soldier child: alone, threatened, helpless, but still standing up and untamed, at the centre of a world falling around and above him. Watch the video clip via YouTube below.

More about Clustersun?
Clustersun have established themselves as a solid reality in the international panorama of fuzz & reverb purveyors. Their cosmic and 3D signature sound delivers massive walls of fuzz, otherwordly reverberations and psychedelic trips.

The trio formed in 2013 and debuted with a self-produced single, Be Vegetal, that was noticed by Dave Allison of US indie label Custom Made Music and featured in the compilation CMM Summer Sampler.

The first album’s lead single Hipgnosis was featured in REVOLUTION – The Shoegaze Revival, massive international compilation out in 2015 via Raphalite Records (UK/Canada) and Gerpfast Kolektif (Indonesia).
CLUSTERSUN supported Out Of Your Ego extensively with a tour that also reached the US, with gigs in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and other cities of the East Coast.

They also contributed to the compilations Rock Back For Nepal Vol. I (2015) and Rock Back: Stronger Than The Storm (2017), both issued by via Philadelphia based label Patetico Recordings, and to The Blog That Celebrates Itself’s tributes to Echo & The Bunnymen (Gods Will Be Gods, 2016) and Slowdive (Just For A Life, 2017).

On May 19, 2017, Clustersun released the sophomore album ‘Surfacing To Breathe,’ again via Seahorse Recordings, with singles Raw Nerve and Lonely Moon receiving up to 40k views on YouTube.