CNJR releases new singles ‘ISV’ + ‘MSS’

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CNJR press shot

ISV and MSS are the first glimpses in the upcoming debut LP from CNJR titled ‘WSTLND’. The two singles are a dark, emotive journey, rich in both sonic complexity and impassioned energy. The instrumentals are heavily electronic, but with elements of analog warmth, retro synths, and recorded instrumentation. Watch the video for ISV via YouTube and hear MSS via Soundcloud below.

CNJR said “We’ll be releasing ‘WSTLND’ in stages. In March we’ll be releasing 2 tracks, in April 2 tracks, in May 2 tracks, then in June the full LP. I feel this process really honors the sound of the record, being epic and cinematic. The first two tracks, ‘ISV / MSS’, hold a lot of tension. ‘ISV’ has a hectic pace to it. Slightly distorted drums, a rhythm that is not immediately obvious, layers of arpeggiators setting a forward moving repetition, and then on top of it all a slow drawn out eerie melody. Its creepy, its human but very robotic, its dark, and does a proper job setting the mood for what ‘WSTLND’ sounds like. ‘MSS’ is a bit more expansive. It starts out ethereal, with a spacy retro-synth sound, but molds into a heavier, almost rock, style track. Guitars & heavy drums accompany the synths giving it a slightly more organic sound than ‘ISV’. There is much more to come, but these two tracks are a solid beginning to a sound that reflects where I am in life.

‘WSTLND’ is the debut LP from CNJR, which is due out on June 7, 2019. Exploring the struggle to survive the human experience, the complexities of mental health and depression, and the alienation of being queer. WSTLND is a heavily emotive experience. CNJR combines complex electronic sounds, retro synthesizers, recorded instrumentation, and occasional vocals to uniquely create a dark electro/analog tapestry that draws listeners into an introspective experience.