Cold Cave announces double-LP reissue of ‘Love Comes Close’

Cold Cave Love Comes Close cover artwork

Cold Cave have announced the reissue of their second album ‘Love Comes Close’. Originally released in 2009 via Heartworm Press and licensed by Matador Records, ‘Love Comes Close’ served as Wes Eisold’s more mainstream foray into the electronic music world, molting his former role as the Give Up The Ghost / American Nightmare bandleader.

In celebration of the record’s tenth anniversary, Heartworm Press will re-release ‘Love Comes Close’ in a deluxe gatefold double-LP format that will encapsulate the entirety of Cold Cave’s output during its burgeoning years. The reissued version will include the material from the ‘Love Comes Close’ LP, ‘Death Comes Close’ EP and ‘The Trees Grew Emotions and Died’ b-sides. Adding a special sheen to the already dazzling package is a remastering treatment by Bob Weston (Shellac, Volcano Suns) at Chicago Mastering Service. 

With a staggering number of releases, Cold Cave has become synonymous with the modern-day resurgence of darkwave and synth-pop. Cold Cave founder and vocalist Wes Eisold has gained mass appeal in various sects of underground music, influencing underground and popular culture with his deft and nimble artistic vision. This has propelled the band to perform at world class museums The Getty and The Guggenheim, as well as performances with legends The Jesus and Mary Chain and Nine Inch Nails among others.  The ‘Love Comes Close’ re-release is available to pre-order now here.

Cold Cave Love Comes Close reissue

Track listing: 

1. Cebe And Me 

2. Love Comes Close 

3. Life Magazine 

4. The Laurels Of Erotomania 

5. Heaven Was Full 

6. The Trees Grew Emotions And Died 

7. Hello Rats 

8. Youth And Lust 

9. I.C.D.K.

10. Double Lives In Single Beds

11. Theme From Tomorrowland

12. Now That I’m In The Future

13. Our Tears Help The Flowers Grow

14. Heaven’s Gate