Crumbs announce album ‘You’re Just Jealous’ + share single ‘Dear Deirdre’

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Leeds UK band Crumbs share new single Dear Deirdre and announce their upcoming album ‘You’re Just Jealous’. Of the single, the band say “Dear Deirdre is a song about yet another existential crisis – and the almost ridiculousness of trying to navigate it.”  It’s the liveliest, most infectious song about an existential crisis that we’ve heard for a very long time. Watch the video clip for Dear Deirdre via YouTube below.

Crumbs have been incubating this, their second album, for a few years now. We don’t know how they kept all the energy in check. It must have been like sitting on a volcano. The songs burst out with pure pop fire, sending splinters of guitar, sharp lyrics and snatches of the catchiest backing vocals.

The rhythm section (Jamie and Gem) first: it’s like Delta 5 meeting Le Tigre in a dark alley in Leeds, fusing blindly and completely, and then forcing its way into the back entrance of a venue, sending volts through the limbs of the unwitting punters, forcing them to dance. This is TIGHT.

And as the lights come on and the indie kids throw themselves around, Ruth’s vocals sweetly assault their ears with anger, joy, political intelligence – and all around, Stuart’s guitar, sometimes twangly-melodic like the B52s, sometimes sweet and ringing like a memory of Scars, sometimes furious and feeding back, keeps you alert and thirsty for more.

These songs do NOT outstay their welcome. Starts and ends are cut hard: no pre-echo, no wistful, drawn-out regretful fade-outs. Crumbs have imbibed the key lessons taught by The Gang Of Four and The Au Pairs: never let the energy dissipate. But there is more than anger here. The band have smuggled a pop sweetness into the disciplined shapes of their angular songs. ‘You’re Just Jealous’ has sharp edges, but it’s generous too.

Rob (Skep Wax Records) says “this is the first album we’ve been sent on spec that we had to say ‘yes’ to immediately. We think Crumbs have made something really remarkable.

Crumbs You’re Just Jealous cover artwork

‘You’re Just Jealous’ track list

1. You’re Just Jealous
2. Stab Alley
3. Dear Deirdre
5. Rest In Pieces
6. Let’s Not 
7. 4291
8. Call Now
9. What’s It Means 
10. Sad Snoopy
11. Mambo No. 6
12. Too Many Creeps


The album will be available as a vinyl LP, CD, download and on streaming services. 

CRUMBS –  a brief history.  They are based in Leeds, where they are active movers in the DIY scene that currently thrives in the North of England. They recorded a Marc Riley session in 2016, released their first album ‘Mind Yr Manners’ in 2017 (on the Everything Sucks label), toured extensively in 2018 and 2019, playing at the Brudenell Social Club with Swearin’ and Jeffrey Lewis, and at plenty of fests such as LaDIYfest and Specialist Subject’s birthday all dayer in Bristol, A Real Cool Fest in Bradford, Mousetival in Stockton and the Cambridge Indiepop Alldayer.

They spent the pandemic creating these new, tightly-wound, irresistible pop songs.   

These are the people in Crumbs and these are their influences:

Stuart (guitar): Bauhaus, Gang of Four, Shop Assistants 
Gem (drums): Beat Happening, The Raincoats, Antelope 
Jamie (bass, backing vocals): Delta 5, ESG, Chic
Ruth (vocals): The Go-Go’s, Mika Miko, Paint It Black 
Collectively: 80s pop music 

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