Darkwave duo Lebanon Hanover cover Depeche Mode’s ‘Strangelove’

Lebanon Hanover

The new Depeche Mode tribute album, ‘All I Ever Wanted – A Tribute To Depeche Mode,’ constructed by modern darkwave acts carrying the Depeche Mode torch into the future will be out on March 17. The album includes acts such as Scandinavian industrialists Priest, who released their cover of Personal Jesus in January, followed by former Marilyn Manson member Tim Skold whose version of Blasphemous Rumours landed the following month. Now, one of the biggest acts in modern electronic music, darkwave duo Lebanon Hanover, have released an ice cold take on Depeche Mode’s ode to BDSM, the darkly passionate Strangelove.

Lebanon Hanover’s well-regarded minimalist production style transforms Strangelove from an ‘80s dance club anthem into a chilly slice of sinister electronic perversion. Sung with a familiar, near deadpan tone by Lebanon Hanover’s William Morris, the song’s repeated refrain “Pain, will you return it. I’ll say it again, Pain,” takes on an even more caustic quality and suffuses the entire track with a much more dramatic, modern edge than the 1987 original.

Morris proclaims “Doing the cover was a great honor, of course as Depeche Mode has had a profound effect on me since the first time I heard them. Growing up, the band was constantly by my side and Strangelove was always a big favourite of mine. So it seemed obvious to select given that chance.”

Listen to the track via YouTube below or stream/download the track here.

‘All I Ever Wanted – A Tribute To Depeche Mode,’ which will feature even more incredible covers by Xiu Xiu, The KVB, This Cold Night, Buzz Kull and more, will be released on March 17 on digital, CD, vinyl and cassette.

All I Ever Wanted – A Tribute To Depeche Mode Cover

Track List
1. Personal Jesus – Priest 
2. Enjoy The Silence – Faderhead 
3. Strangelove – Lebanon Hanover 
4. Blasphemous Rumours – Skold 
5. Somebody – Hante. 
6. It’s No Good – Velvet Condom 
7. Never Let Me Down Again – Xiu Xiu 
8. World In My Eyes – The KVB 
9. Precious – Crying Vessel 
10. Just Can’t Get Enough – This Cold Night 
11. Everything Counts – Buzz Kull 
12. Heaven – Ashbury Heights

Pre-order the CD/vinyl/cassette here

Pre-order/pre-save the digital here

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